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You have big ideas, we have the expertise to get you there.
Whether you need help building a training application or need help making your gaming or simulation solution more engaging, Spandrel Interactive uses the latest and greatest tech and techniques across AR, VR, game design, and UX to help you build training, simulation, and gaming solutions as unique as your business.
Industry experts, committed to your vision?
Led by a trio of industry pioneers, each with more than 20 years of experience across Extended Reality (XR) and game design industries, Spandrel Interactive is a diverse team of specialists with expertise across VR, AR, UI design, UX design, and game development. This unique blend of skills and passion makes Spandrel your go-to partner in making your interactive, virtual vision a reality.
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From VR training programs to educational gaming, we’ve helped our partners bring their digital innovations to life.



Using Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, we work with our clients to build unique training, collaboration, simulation, and knowledge transfer solutions. If you have a business problem that can be solved with these immersive technologies, we have the know-how to get you there.



Augmented Reality can be used to place digital elements into a user's real space. Unlike Mixed Reality, AR can be accessed on a phone (versus on a headset). We use AR to create highly engaging brand experiences that your customers will love.

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Video game Development

We’ve both built engaging gaming experiences for our clients and helped show them how to build a game that engages their audience. Whether you‘re planning on building a gaming solution or in the process, we’re here to help increase your efficiency, speed, and output. Let’s build something your customers will love.

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Ui/Ux Design

At Spandrel Interactive we blend industry best practices with leading UI/UX theory to design business solutions that make sense, engage your audience, and are easy to use. We’ve brought our UI/UX expertise to unique solutions currently in use across industries.

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Web Development

Leaning on our deep knowledge of UI and UX mixed with our gaming and immersive technology, we help our customers craft unique and impactful web and mobile web-based solutions.

Why Choose Spandrel Interactive?
Our team has been helping companies big and small achieve their ambitious virtual visions. From building VR training programs to educational gaming solutions that users want to play, innovation has been at the forefront of Spandrel since our inception. We are experts in our services but the real reason companies across industries work with us is we work closely with them to deeply understand their problems, their customers, and their business.

Working closely with customers we help bring their digital visions to life and we can do it for you too. Elevate your offerings with a fusion of innovation and experience, seamlessly integrating extended reality and gaming tech. We’re your go-to partners on your path to evolving your education, training, and simulation programs.
Your Bridge to the
Digital Frontier

Mixing our expertise across VR, AR, and MR, with UI/UX, gaming and training, Spandrel Interactive helps bring your simulation, training, and education processes into the future. Leveraging these technologies and our knowledge, you can build programs that inspire, entertain, and educate.

Our Obsession,
Your Success

Your vision is our shared journey. We turn concepts and complex business problems into engaging virtual solutions, and we love doing it. At Spandrel, our team is obsessed with employing these technologies to help you create impactful solutions that perfectly capture your vision and delight your audience.

Visions into Reality

Our team works hand-in-hand with our partners to build innovative solutions to their problems. Spandrel is there ever step of the way, operating as members of your team ensuring that we creat a solution the meets and beats you expectations and needs.

You have an ambitious vision, we have the expertise to get you there.
Let’s make your vision into a digital reality.

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Industries We Serve

AI & Technology
AI & Technology
Healthcare & Medical
Healthcare & Medical
Workplace & Safety Training
Workplace & Safety Training
Public Services & Military
Public Services & Military
Automotive & Aviation
Automotive & Aviation
Retail & E-Commerce
Retail & E-Commerce
Customer Experience
Customer Experience
Art, Design & Exhibitions
Art, Design & Exhibitions
Simulations & Testing
Simulations & Testing
Entertainment & Gaming
Entertainment & Gaming

Clients & Partners

Some of our Recent Collaborators

Université de Montréal
New Brunswick Community College
Government of New Brunswick
University of New Brunswick
Atlantic Ballet
the Black Arcs
Climate Guardians
Center for Women in Business
Don't Dis my Disability
Eastern College
Innerca Virtual
Brilliant Labs
NB Association of Nursing Homes
New Brunswick Continuing Care Safety Association
University of Oxford
Reframe Games
World Water Day
Seafarer AI

Clients Testimonials

here is what our clients have to say about us.

Denise Paradis
Executive Director,
New Brunswick Continuing Care Safety Association
I can't say thank you enough to Spandrel Interactive! My project was not only delivered on time, but even surpassed my own high expectations. The quality, speed, and professionalism of their work has placed the NBCCSA as a leader and innovator in safety Training. Can't wait to continue together what we started!
Cassandra Folkins, MAHSR, BA
Research and Project Coordinator,
The NB Association of Nursing Homes
Working with Spandrel has been seamless. Extremely reliable, with deliverables on scope And on schedule! Jeff is very engaged and easy to work with. We look forward to a continued partnership!
Numayer Shuvo
CEO and Principal Consultant,
Beatnik Digital Services Canada
The best part about working with Spandrel has been the seamless knowledge sharing. With their detailed feedback, and meticulous understanding of the immersive industry and its future, Jeff’s team has had a great impact in the continuous learning process of Beatnik’s AR/VR team. I highly recommend Spandrel for any work related to immersive technology, and look forward to continuing working on exciting projects together for years to come.
Jake Arsenault
The Black Arcs, Inc.
Spandrel Interactive is focussed on helping tell the user experience story you are to tell with an eye on timeline, tasks and the budget.
Denise Paradis
Executive Director,
New Brunswick Continuing Care Safety Association
Spandrel Interactive delivered the game on time, within budget, and exceeded expectations, showcasing their passion for creation. Their effective communication approach included brief meetings to discuss the project's progress throughout the process. They were genuine, professional, and resourceful.
Dane Sheppard
Director of Technology,
The Black Arcs, Inc.
Spandrel helped Black Arcs' team resolve some very challenging issues around workflows, core interaction loops, and user archetypes. By the end of Spandrel's work on the project, which included successful completion of primary project scope and several stretch goals, the application had been transformed into a much more coherent, usable, and well-designed solution. Black Arcs' team was extremely satisfied with the final results.
William McIver Jr.
Industrial Research Chair & Director
They are experienced users of Agile / SCRUM and have their own project management tools and rituals to track scrums, revisions, burn down, etc. We expect to work with Spandrel on several exciting new Mixed Reality projects, including the use of generative AI.

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